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Terms and Conditions for Better Your Marriage Mastermind

The following are the terms and conditions for enrollment and membership in the Better Your Marriage Mastermind.

Failure to Enroll Clause

Below is our “somewhat” tongue-in-cheek failure to enroll clause which contains a not so subtle warning for those who do not invest in their marriage. 😉

Better Your Marriage Mastermind is not responsible for marriage tension, failed marriages, poor communication, misunderstandings, disputes, etc…that may exist due to a failure to enroll and participate in the marriage mastermind. By NOT joining the Better Your Marriage mastermind you understand that all of the above are possible outcomes and will take full personal responsibility for these outcomes based on your failure to enroll and invest in your marriage.

Enrollment Agreement and Terms

You understand and agree that enrollment in the Better Your Marriage Mastermind comes with a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee and by enrolling you are agreeing to be on the list for the next Mastermind group. You also understand that enrollment does not mean you are already a Mastermind member. Your membership is based only on actual payment of monthly subscriptions or the one-time mastermind membership fee. Enrollment secures your spot in the next available Mastermind and we will send you an email with payment details when it is time to start your actual membership and begin the Mastermind. You also understand and agree that by enrolling it does not guarantee you a spot in the next Mastermind and Dave and Toni Kauffman or the Better Your Marriage Mastermind reserves the right to alter enrollment closure schedules and Mastermind group start dates as necessary.

Subscription Agreement and Terms

Your membership to the Better Your Marriage Mastermind is secured through the start of a 12-month subscription and payment agreement or through a one-time, non-refundable payment for the whole Mastermind. You understand and agree that by starting a subscription payment plan that Better Your Marriage reserves the right to charge you on monthly basis in 12 installments at the agreed upon price. You also understand and agree that this subscription can be cancelled at any time by contacting the office at 813-580-8920 or by emailing info@betteryourmarriage.com You agree that once a subscription payment has processed for a month it cannot be refunded and your membership is secured for that month.

Membership Agreement and Terms

Membership in the Better Your Marriage Mastermind is gained through an active subscription or through a non-refundable one time payment. As a member, you agree that Better Your Marriage has the right to alter the Mastermind program and details as necessary throughout the course of the Mastermind. Meeting times and schedules are subject to change. You also agree and understand that outcomes are not guaranteed and that your benefit from the Mastermind will also rely on the level of your engagement and commitment as a couple. The Better Your Marriage Mastermind will provide mentoring, coaching, suggestions, challenges, and assignments to you as a member. You agree to be solely responsible for what you do with and the outcomes of everything the Better Your Marriage Mastermind provides.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Better Your Marriage is a relationship and marriage community and, as such, will provide opportunities for personal information to be shared among the Mastermind group. As a Mastermind member you agree to respect the privacy of other members and understand the confidential information, relationship struggles, and personal challenges that are shared with the group are meant to stay within the group and you will not disclose this information to others without the permission of the relevant and involved individuals. Better Your Marriage Mastermind agrees to respect your privacy and

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