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A Transformational
Marriage Mastermind
For Couples Who Want to Thrive

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Invest In Your Marriage Like It Matters, Because It Does!

  • Weekly challenges for husbands and wives
  • Date Night ideas from the Adventure Challenge
  • How to have the tough converstions.
  • Full DISC Personality Assessment
  • Understanding the way he/she is wired (Based on DISC Personality)
  • Our marriage story of survival to success!
  • Opposites attract and why!
  • Opposites attack and why!
  • Weekly Group Coaching Meetings (Zoom)
  • Monthly Marriage trainings with experts(zoom)
  • And much more!  

All for ONLY $499/month!

Registration open NOW through April 15, 2024!

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Hi, We’re Dave and Toni

We Are Passionate to see THRIVING marriages and want to dispel the Myth that “Relationships are Hard.”

Hello Friends! We are Dave & Toni Kauffman. And we are so excited to have you joining us in the pursuit of thriving marriages.

We have been married for over 15 years and are more in love today than ever. If you would hear the story of how we met and got married (you will hear it in the Mastermind), you would think that our marriage would have been a blissful bed of roses. But it only took us a few years of living together to hit rock bottom in our relationship. But, by the grace of God and discovery of some transformational principles we went from BARELY SURVIVING to ABSOLUTELY THRIVING.

And that is why we are coordinating this Marriage Mastermind. We want to help your marriage flourish as well! We want to dispel the myth that relationships are hard! They’re not. However, communication is difficult! We will be journeying with you in this Mastermind and we promise to keep it real!

After sharing our story hundreds of times on stage we know that our story is similar to lots of other stories out there! We simply want Better Marriages! We want you stop working on your relationship and start working on your communication! Relationship is a direct result of COMMUNICATION! lets get better at communication together!

Maybe your marriage is thriving already! If so, Praise the Lord! This Mastermind is for you as well! It will be chock full of adventures and ideas for ways to continue to pursue each other. A healthy marriage is never static; it is always investing in the relationship and seeking to improve. We’re still improving and learning in our marriage – and we are eager to have you join us in this journey as we work for Better Marriages.

In Partnership with The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge has agreed to partner with us for this marriage mastermind. Every couple that signs up for the Mastermind will receive The Adventure Challenge’s Couples Edition book, The Mini Dates Pack, and the pack of Connection Cards with their welcome bundle. These items will then be used throughout the mastermind for date ideas, assignments, adventures, and more.

The Adventure Challenge carries adventure and relationship enhancing products for couples, families, children, friends, and individuals. Their innovative products are incredible ways to inspire adventure and create memories that will last forever.

We’re proud to have them partner with us and excited to introduce you to their products. Shop all their products at the link below and get a 10% discount with our exclusive code BYMM10 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This Marriage Mastermind is designed as a 12 month program with both monthly and weekly exercises and activites. However, it is subscription based, so you can cancel your subscription at any time and be removed from the program. There is a discount (worth 1 free month) when you pay up-front for the whole year. Registration for the first mastermind group is currently open through April 15, 2024 for a May, 2024 start date.

You can register for the mastermind at anytime and be added to the next group that will start. Currently enrollment is open for our first mastermind group through April 15, 2024. This group will run from May of 2024 through April of 2025. As a bonus, all members of the first group will get free tickets to the February 2025 Better Your Marriage Conference.

Yes, as a Mastermind Member you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where members can share their struggles and successes, ask questions, post photos of their couple adventures, and more. Our weekly zoom meetings will also be times of asking questions, brainstorming, and sharing as a Mastermind community.

We are currently planning on the weekly meetings happening on Tuesday evenings at 9 PM ET over zoom. This is subject to change. These meetings will be interactive times for the group to receive training and coaching but also to give input and receive details for the week’s challenge and any other assignments.

These meetings will be recorded and shared with the group every week. So if you are not able to make them you can always watch them later.

Yes! If you sign up for the monthly subscription you can cancel your subscription at anytime by contacting us and asking us to cancel. When you sign up for the Mastermind, you are authorizing us to process 12 monthly payments for your membership. However, this authorization can be revoked by contacting us anytime.

If you purchase the annual package with the discount – then you are not under a subscription and there is no refund for your purchase.

No, you can register to join the mastermind for a one-time enrollment fee of only $50. Your enrollment will reserve your spot in the Mastermind and then after April 15 you will be sent a payment link to choose whether to pay upfront (and save) or pay with a monthly subscription.

Have More Questions? Get In Touch With Us

If you have more questions about the Better Your Marriage Mastermind here are ways you can get in contact with us.



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